Established 1989 by Philippe Journo, La Compagnie de Phalsbourg syands today among the leaders of the retail real estate in France. Since 2002, the company tries to enhance the peri-urban architectural landscape by creating innovative buildings and heavily landscaped.


L’Atoll, opened 2012 in Angers, Waves Actisud in Metz (2014) and recently Ma Petite Madelaine in Tours (2016) created a new paradigm for peri-urban retail zones made of high quality architecture, landscape, and free services to the customers. The stratigic vision is to develop new large-scale projects in France and Spain.


From this specialized market, La Compagnie de Phalsbourg recently diversifie dits activity by entering residential, hospitality and entertainment real estate markets.


La Compagnie de Phalsbourg was thrice awarded in the « Réinventer Paris » competition with projects with innovative projects.


Philippe Journo and La Compagnie de Phalsbourg are also very active philanthropists.


La Compagnie de Phalsbourg is the first private real estate investment trust in France.